Field Visit Class 8 Geography Notes Maharashtra Board

Field Visit Class 8 Geography Notes Maharashtra State Board

The field trip is an important method of geography. Through field trips, one can get a first-hand experience of geographical factors and processes. Geographical concepts can be understood. Geographical field trips are useful for understanding the relationship between man and the environment. It is essential to plan the field trips according to the topic, place, and duration of the visit.

One of the important objectives of a field trip is to pay a visit to an office to understand the kind of work done there. Different types of information are collected during a field trip. For this purpose, a questionnaire is prepared. After compiling the information a report is prepared.

Field Visit Class 8 Geography Notes Maharashtra Board

Preparations for the Field Trip:
A copy of the questionnaire, a notebook, a camera, a pen, a pencil, etc. are an essential part of the kit. Prior permission should be obtained from the concerned office before fixing the date and time of the visit. Care should be taken not to damage anything during the field trip. In this lesson, a sample questionnaire regarding a visit to the election office has been provided. Please go through this questionnaire. This kind of questionnaire is used for obtaining information from any office. Based on the following questions, you can prepare your questionnaire for a visit to the following places e.g. Talathi’s office or a visit to a small-scale industry.

Visit to the Elections Division’s Office at the Taluka and District Level:

  1. Name of the office.
  2. What is the designation of the chief at this office?
  3. What are the different duties performed by this office?
  4. Who directs the work carried out in the election division?
  5. What are the various elections conducted through this office?
  6. From where do they get the additional manpower required during the election?
  7. How many days before the election is the notice given?
  8. Who does the work of enlisting new voters and updating the electoral lists?
  9. Who conducts the training programs for the elections?
  10. Which are the licenses issued by the office during elections?
  11. How many people are appointed at the polling center during voting?
  12. When is the voting of officials appointed for election duty taken? How?
  13. What are the timings of the voting?
  14. Is the timing of voting extended under special circumstances?
  15. What efforts are taken to make the process of voting transparent?
  16. Tell the advantages/disadvantages of voting machines (EVM).
  17. How are voting machines obtained?
  18. Since when are the voting machines being used?
  19. What action needs to be taken if the voting machine becomes faulty?
  20. How was voting conducted earlier?
  21. The Code of Conduct is applicable for how many days before and after the elections?
  22. Which departments do you seek help from to conduct the elections?
  23. In which circumstances are by-elections held?
  24. What do you do if the candidates get equal votes?
  25. Who declares the result of the election to the public?
  26. Does the office maintain records of the earlier elections?
  27. Do you issue certificates to the elected candidates? Who signs these certificates?

Report Writing:
After you collect information from the office you visited, you have to write a report. You can use maps, tables and layouts, graphs, pictures, and photographs for the same. Write a report as per the following points.

  1. Introduction
  2. Personnel working in the office
  3. Nature of work in the office
  4. Problems Encountered/Solutions
  5. Acknowledgment
  6. List of References

Field Visit Class 8 Geography Notes Maharashtra Board

Present the report in class either individually or in a group. The students of a particular school along with their teachers made a field visit to the tahsildar’s office. They prepared a questionnaire to understand the entire election process. After meeting the Chief Electoral Officer they collected this information. After compilation and the preparation of a report, they made use of it for the school elections.

Pictures of the Election Process – Project:
Prepare a plan for a field trip of your class to a place of special interest/visit to an office and prepare a questionnaire.
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Good Maharashtra State Board Class 8 Geography Notes Field Visit can simplify complex concepts and make studying more efficient.

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