Diversity in Society Class 6 Civics Notes Maharashtra Board

Diversity in Society Class 6 Civics Notes Maharashtra State Board

There are many languages, religions, cultures, customs, and traditions in Indian society. This diversity is a mark of our rich cultural heritage. We live among people who speak different languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, and Urdu. They celebrate their festivals and cultural events in different ways. Their modes of worship are also different. Our country consists of regions with different historical legacies where this diversity is shared and celebrated! As all these different communities in our country have lived together for many many years, a feeling of oneness has developed among them. This feeling of oneness leads to unity in Indian society.

Diversity is Our Strength
To live with different groups is to experience co-existence. Co-existence helps to increase the level of understanding among the people. It acquaints us with each other’s traditions, customs, and ways of life. We learn to respect each other’s way of life. We even adopt certain traditions from others. This helps to increase the feeling of unity in the society. This social unity helps us to face many natural and social calamities together.

Diversity in Society Class 6 Civics Notes Maharashtra Board

The Principle of Secularism
Indian society consists of people following different religions. Our Constitution has made important provisions to ensure that all religious communities will have the freedom to worship according to their faith and to help develop a feeling of mutual understanding. India is an important secular nation of the world. We have great linguistic and religious diversity in our country. In order to preserve this diversity in a sound and healthy manner, we have accepted the principle of secularism. Accordingly,

  • No religion is recognized as the religion of our country.
  • Every person has the freedom of worship as per their religion or the religion of their choice.
  • There can be no discrimination among people on the basis of their religion. The people of all religions are treated equally by the State.
  • Opportunities for education, means of livelihood and government jobs are made available to all. There is no discrimination on the basis of religion.
  • There are special provisions in the Constitution for the protection of religious and linguistic minorities. Minorities are free to protect and preserve their linguistic and cultural identities. They are also free to bring about the development of their own communities through education.
  • The principle of secularism has helped to maintain religious harmony in Indian society.

The Contribution of Society to Our Development
What do we learn by living in a society? What values, and qualities do we imbibe? Let us see how society helps to develop our personality.

Diversity in Society Class 6 Civics Notes Maharashtra Board

All societies are based on mutual cooperation between individuals and the community. The very existence of the society depends on the cooperation between individuals. Cooperation is the process of sharing and helping each other in solving problems and removing difficulties. A family cannot remain together without an attitude of cooperation among its members. The same is true of society. Lack of cooperation hampers our progress. Day-to-day life will also not run smoothly. Cooperation makes interdependence in society healthier and allows inclusion of everybody in the society. It is a process of inclusion and of moving ahead taking along all sections of society.

Tolerance and Understanding:
Just as there is cooperation in the society, so also at times there can be differences of opinion, disputes and conflicts. Disputes and conflicts arise when there is lack of agreement in the opinions, ideas and views of the people. Prejudices or misconceptions about each other can also lead to conflicts. However, it is in nobody’s interest to keep a conflict going for a long time. People find a way to resolve conflicts through compromise and understanding. Thus, conflicts can end if people make efforts to understand each other and show a spirit of tolerance. An understanding attitude leads to a lot of new learning. We accept new ideas. This helps to further enrich our social life.We become more tolerant. Society provides us an opportunity to learn this simple method of maintaining well-being and peace in society.

Diversity in Society Class 6 Civics Notes Maharashtra Board

An Opportunity to Perform different Roles:
In society, we play different roles. Each individual has several roles and the responsibilities and duties of every role are well-defined. While playing these roles at home and outside, we form bonds with many people. However, changes may occur in the parts we play.
Diversity in Society Class 6 Civics Notes Maharashtra Board 1

Regulation of Society
In order for society to function smoothly, some rules are required. In ancient times, society was mostly regulated with the help of traditions. But in modern times, along with traditions, laws are needed. Law is different from traditions and customs. The regulation of society through laws and traditions is carried out by different organizations and institutions. The government bodies at the local level also play an important role in the process of regulation of society.

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