Tourism Class 9 Geography Notes Maharashtra Board

Tourism Class 9 Geography Notes Maharashtra State Board

We undertake short or long journeys for various purposes like festivals, family functions, fairs, sports, wanderings, recreation, etc. We need to carry out some preparations before going anywhere such as selecting the route to go there, choosing the means of transport, packing essential things, etc. When we reach the destination, we visit the exquisite and spectacular sites. Sometimes, we stay there. We make use of the facilities provided over there. We also pay instead for those services or goods. Visiting various places away from our homes for joy, entertainment, trading, staying, etc. is called tourism.
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A trip has to be organized from your home to your favourite tourist destination. Find out the route with the help of various websites. Decide the journey route you will take. Consider factors like duration of the trip, materials required for travel, means of transport, availability of the route, etc. Get the estimated travel cost per person.
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The places given on the map have become famous due to different reasons. Some special things are the reason behind the place becoming famous. For example, natural beauty, pleasant weather, exquisite scenery, hot springs, sea coasts, historical monuments, religious places, forest areas, etc. are major attractions for tourists. Based on political boundaries, tourism can be of two types:

Domestic Tourism:
Tourism within the limits of a country is called domestic tourism. For example, a person from Maharashtra going to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu for tourism, a person from Nagpur visiting Ellora Caves in Aurangabad, etc.

Tourism Class 9 Geography Notes Maharashtra Board

International/Foreign Tourism:
Crossing a country’s boundaries and visiting some other country for tourism is called international tourism. For example, an Indian going to Switzerland for tourism, an American coming to India for tourism, etc. To go to a foreign country, one needs a passport, visa, travel insurance, and other documents. We should have a currency of the country where we are going. For this, we need to exchange our currency value with that currency.
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Based on the aim of tourism and the specialties of the destination, there can be different types of tourism. Some of these have been explained through photographs. From the above, we infer that tourism is very important for a country. Basic facilities should be developed at places which have to be developed as tourist sites mainly. Domestic tourism should be promoted. It is necessary to preserve the cultural heritage of a country.
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GPS for Tourism:
The GPS in our smartphones or the GPS instrument is largely used for tourism. For that, we need special applications like Google Maps. We can know our exact location with the help of the map. Once it is decided where we want to head, then information regarding all the possible routes of travel, distances, time required according to the type of vehicle, amenities on the way like petrol pump, restaurants, lodges, etc. becomes available in the app. We can use this for tourism.

Tourism is an important tertiary occupation. Through this occupation, the world gets introduced to a region’s natural, social, and cultural environment. Besides domestic tourists, foreign tourists also visit various places of interest, and therefore, foreign currency increases in our economy. Along with these benefits, the development of tourist places, and the availability of employment opportunities to local people are also other good things that happen to a place. Considering the importance of tourism, the residents become aware of conserving the region’s natural beauty and culture. Tourism should be promoted through advertisements in various media which will help in its growth.

Various forms of tourism are emerging to give a flip to tourism. One of these is ecotourism. This concept came to light when it was realized that due to increasing population, pollution, and urbanization, the environment is degrading, it is an eco-friendly type of tourism. If tourism is developed by considering that while touring a place, the environment should not be degraded, or damaged by tourists, then it is called ecotourism. This includes taking precautions of not throwing litter at tourist sites, avoiding noise pollution, and not hurting trees birds, and animals in the forests.

Tourism Class 9 Geography Notes Maharashtra Board

Besides these, recently the concept of ‘agro-tourism’ has arisen which is a pollution-free location away from the city holding an agricultural activity where the tourist is shown a glimpse of agricultural life. Tourists are attracted to it. This is called agro-tourism. For a change from urban life, tourists live on the farm and accept the hospitality of the farmers on payment in agro-tourism. In the Pune and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra, several agro-tourism centers have been developed.

Film tourism is a new type of tourism. The locations where films are shot attract a crowd of tourists and hence the concept of film tourism emerged. Several amenities and facilities are provided to attract tourists to these places where film shooting takes place e.g. Mumbai Film City, Ramoji City, etc. Tarkarli in Konkan is famous for its seabed and the biodiversity found there. Here, the tourists can do ‘snorkeling’ and ‘scuba diving.’ MTDC has started a ‘scuba diving’ training center of international standards at Tarkarli (Tal. Malwan, Dist. Sindhudurg).

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has implemented many programs. It has provided guest houses, water sports, tourist houses near coastal areas, etc. “Deccan Odyssey” is a train started especially for tourism. This train is operated in coordination with MTDC, Indian Railways, and the Ministry of Tourism. The train originates in Mumbai and takes tourists to places like Nasik, Ellora, Ajanta, Kolhapur, Goa, and Ratnagiri and back to Mumbai. This train is like a moving palace.
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Another type of similar train is called “Palace on Wheels”. This train takes the Delhi-Jaipur, Udaipur, Bharatpur, and Agra-Delhi routes. Many domestic and foreign tourists enjoy traveling on these trains. The Indian railways have started a new train with coaches having transparent ceilings (vista dome) as a special attraction for tourism. It runs on the Vishakhpatnam-Kirandul route. The passengers can see the panoramic view of the nature-rich region of Araku Valley, Anantagiri Ghat section, and Borra caves by sitting in a completely air-conditioned coach with having glass roof.

Importance of Tourism Development in India:
India is diverse in terms of culture and nature. Tourism has a lot of potential here. The richness of natural beauty in India, attractive landscapes, high mountains like the Himalayas, and exquisite coastal areas attract tourists. Also, the diversity of Indian culture, festivals, traditions, costumes, variety of dishes made using Indian spices, and hospitality of the Indians has resulted in opportunities for tourism in India.

Tourism and Economic Development:
Tourism development helps the Indian economy in a great way. Restaurants, shops, transportation systems, recreational places, etc develop because of tourism and directly contribute to the economy. Also, basic infrastructure improves and employment is generated which is advantageous to the economy indirectly. Tourism plays an important role in economic development. Therefore, it is said that tourism is an invisible trade.

Tourism Class 9 Geography Notes Maharashtra Board

Tourism and Environmental Development:
Tourism is good for environmental development. To develop natural locations, sanctuaries, national parks, etc. economic investment is made by the government for the sake of the tourism industry. Because of the eco-friendly tourism concept, tourist places can be developed while caring for the environment. Factors like housing, resorts, traffic routes, etc. are also designed in an eco-friendly manner. In this type of developmental process, electricity, and water are used very judiciously. The concept of recycling and reuse is also applied. The natural environment is maintained and tourism is developed too.

Tourism and Health:
Some tourists visit India to avail themselves of health facilities. Visiting places of tourist interest and achieving mental peace and physical strength through Indian Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayam, etc. is the objective behind it. The medicinal and surgical treatment in Indian hospitals are cost-effective and therefore, many patients from various developing countries come here for treatment. Medical Tourism develops from the facilities required by these tourists.

Tourism and Social Development:
Some specific social programs can be accomplished through tourism. If facets like rural lifestyle, tribal life, and culture are included in tourism, tourism gets a social dimension and the neglected components of the society can be included in development. The tribal life in Melghat of Maharashtra and visits to model villages like the ‘Anandwan’ project of the social activist Baba Amte, Ralegansiddhi, Hiwre Bazaar, etc. create social consciousness and give a flip to development there. There is great potential for the development of such a type of tourism in India. In the future, tourism will be an important factor in the Indian economy.

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