Social Health Class 10 Science Notes Maharashtra Board

Social Health Class 10 Science Notes Maharashtra State Board

Social Health

Out of the various aspects of social health, we thought about only one in the above-mentioned activity. Social health is the ability of a person to establish relationships with other persons. The ability to change one’s behavior according to changing social conditions is an important characteristic of social health. Various factors like a strong personality, having a large number of friends and relatives, proper use of time during loneliness and with peers, trust in others, and respect and acceptance for others are important for good social health. We have seen that various factors affect social health.
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Factors Disturbing the Social Health

Mental Stress
Competition has increased in opportunities for education, employment, and business due to the increase in population. Children are facing the problems of loneliness and mental stress due to reasons like nuclear family and parents staying outdoors due to jobs. There are many bindings on girls and excessive freedom for boys in some families. Boys enjoy the concession from their domestic duties whereas girls have a compulsion for the same on the pretext that they ‘should be used to it’.
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Do you see the advertisements about increasing awareness on avoiding the discrimination between girls and boys or sister and brother in the same family on choice for fresh/left-over food, learning medium? In society, too, adolescent girls have to unnecessarily face the problems like teasing and molestation. Girls are facing the problem of stress due to such gender inequality. Nowadays, everyone has to face stress due to ever-increasing disorder, crime, and violence. At the same time, people looking at this as a ‘fast and easy way of making money’ may become scapegoats and become part of such a system. This is the deadly effect of social illness.

Social Health Class 10 Science Notes Maharashtra Board

Peer-group influence is stronger in the case of adolescents. Adolescents always prefer the company of friends and follow their good or bad habits instead of following the advice of parents and teachers. Children at an early age try tobacco, cigarettes, gutkha, alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc. due to either peer- -group pressure or a symbol of a high standard of living, or as an imitation of elders. However, it may lead to addiction to such deadly substances. Temporarily intoxicating drugs of plant origin and some chemicals may permanently damage the human nervous system, muscle system, heart, etc. Earlier, we have studied the carcinogenic effect of tobacco-containing substances on the mouth and lungs.
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Incurable Disease
Factors like ignorance towards people with incurable diseases like AIDS, T. B., leprosy, and mental disorders as well as old persons lead to an increase in old age homes and such factors also may cause harm to social health.
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Have you ever seen the persons inebriated with drugs or liquor loitering in dirty places? Whether such a pitiful condition of a most intelligent human being is acceptable? You must have read the news about many deaths due to poisonous liquor. Why does it happen?
Liquor is produced from alcohol obtained through the fermentation of substances. However, if this process is performed in the wrong way, poisonous liquor is produced and proves fatal for many at a time. The efficiency of the nervous system (especially the brain) and liver as well as the lifespan of a person decreases due to alcoholism. Brain development in adolescents is hindered due to alcoholism and thereby ability of memorization and learning becomes slow. An addictive person cannot think rationally. Due to this, the person has to face social, mental, and familial illness along with physical illness.

Communication Media and Excessive Use of Modern Technology

Two caricatures presenting the situations of the years 1998 and 2017 about playing on the playground are given below. Observe those caricatures. Express your opinion about the arising of such different situations.
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Nowadays, excessive, unnecessary, and irrational use of modern technology and communication media is becoming a sensitive issue from the viewpoint of social health. Persons spending time with cell phones for several hours are usually unaware of their surroundings. This is also a sort of addiction and leads to endangering of the social health. Various physical problems like tiredness, headache, insomnia, forgetfulness, tinnitus, joint pains, and problems in vision may arise due to the radiation of cell phones.

A more serious fact is those radiations penetrate the bones of children more effectively than the bones of adults. Persons continuously using the computers and internet become solitary. They cannot establish harmonious relations with relatives and other members of the society. Habitually, they become self-centered and thereby they may develop problems like autism and selfishness. They become less sensitive towards others. The chronic effect of such a tendency is that they are not ready to help others in need and hence they also do not get it in need.

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Children who watch cartoon films may imitate the characters of those films. The tendency and behavior of the children who play games like virtual war and car races (especially deliberately brought about virtual accidents in games) gradually become negative. Some games available on cell phones and computers are extremely time-consuming and also cause economic losses, loss of concentration on some essential subjects, and may also prove fatal.

Social Health Class 10 Science Notes Maharashtra Board

Along with some useful purposes, a huge information available on the internet is used for viewing some inappropriate videos too. However, there is a governmental regulation over such media. Website, movies, and cartoon films inappropriate for children are banned by the government.

  • Why is there an increase in the news of death by drowning in the ocean, falling in deep valleys, or under trains while catching a cell phone selfie?
  • There is increasing competition to upload videos of road accidents instead of helping the victims. What is the mentality of such people?
  • Why are the clips of parents threatening or hitting their children for not studying as per their wish or domestic helpers beating the children very common on social media nowadays?

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A person indulging in such destructive and unnatural activities is usually under stress and such activities are bursting with stress. Medical science has declared such activities as mental illness. A person indulging in selfies is not aware of the world around them and the risks. This is called as selfiecide. Persons indulging in domestic violence, sending messages to others before committing suicide, or those who send video clips of suicidal acts are mentally ill and they do so to win sympathy. Hence, make constructive use of communication media like television, phone, and the internet for essential needs and entertainment only but do not go into the clutches by spending hours with those media.

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Cyber Crimes

  • Banks continuously spread the message on mobile phones about not disclosing the Aadhar/PAN/credit card/debit card number and other personal information if demanded by any person.
  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone while withdrawing cash from an ATM or purchasing through card payment. Why such instructions are given?
  • Consumers are deceived by showing superior items on websites but selling items of either inferior quality or impaired ones.
  • Bank transactions are done using PINs without the knowledge of consumers.
  • Confidential information about government, institutes, and companies is obtained from the internet with the help of computer programs or other ideas and misused. This is called the hacking of information.
    Social Health Class 10 Science Notes Maharashtra Board 9
  • Nowadays, crimes like opening a fake account on Facebook and displaying false information thereby teasing the girls or exploiting them financially.
  • Misuse or illegal sale of written literature, software, photos, videos, music, etc. of others by obtaining from the internet is called piracy.
  • Electronic media is also misused by sending derogatory messages and spreading vulgar pictures and inflammatory statements.
  • The exchange of information through media like email, Facebook, and WhatsApp occurs very fast.
  • However, our personal information and phone numbers are automatically spread and thereby reach unwanted persons which leads to malpractices like incoming unnecessary messages. Some of such messages either impair or shut down the mobiles and computers.

Social Health Class 10 Science Notes Maharashtra Board

All the above-mentioned incidents are examples of cybercrime. Committing such crimes is also a mental illness. Later on, the criminal also has to face mental stress. ‘Cybercrime unit’ has been newly launched in the police department. Cybercrime experts collect the details, investigate the cybercrime and thereby find the criminal with the help of the internet.

IT Act-2000:
This act was enacted on 17th October 2000 and was amended in 2008. The person committing the cyber crime has to face a punishment like imprisonment for 3 years of fine up to 5 lakh. Maharashtra is at the forefront of controlling cyber crimes and it has been proven to be the first state to start a separate cyber crime unit.

Stress Management

Have you seen the loudly laughing citizens in the morning in public gardens? The name of this newly popularized concept is ‘laughter club’. These people relieve their mental stress by laughing loudly. Various ways of expression like establishing communication with friends, peers, cousins, teachers, and more importantly parents, noting down our feelings, and expressing our feelings with near and dear ones help us to relieve the stress. Fostering hobbies like material collection, photography, reading, cooking, sculpturing, drawing, rangoli, dancing, etc. help us to properly utilize the free hours. By diverting the energy and mind towards positive thinking, negative thoughts are automatically neutralized.
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Why do you wait for periods of music, P.T., and drawing in the classroom?
Learning and listening to music, and singing keeps us happy and drives away the stress. Music has the power to change the mindset. The importance of outdoor games is unparalleled. There are various benefits of sports like it causes physical exercise, improved discipline, interaction, and the tendency of unity, loneliness is driven away and the person becomes more social.

Regular exercising, massaging, and visiting the spa to help to relieve the stress. Yoga is not limited to asanas and pranayam but it includes discipline, balanced and good food, and meditation also. Deep breathing, yogic sleep, yoga asanas, etc. are good for health. Meditation helps to improve the ability to concentrate. It imparts positivity in our temperament. Meditation helps students to improve concentration in their studies. Deliberate inculcation of characteristics like time management, planning of our duties, and decision power is nothing but cultivating the socially strong and ideal personality.

We have all the ways to manage our stress. However, if those are not successful due to certain reasons, it leads to some more serious problems like depression and frustration. Medical advice, counseling, and psychotherapy are available for such persons. Similarly, many NGOs also provide a helping hand. Let us see the information about some of those. Nature is the closest friend of human beings. Hobbies like gardening, bird watching, lingering in nature, rearing domestic animals, etc. help to create a positive mindset and improve confidence. Social health can be maintained by keeping ourselves aware of happenings around us, neutralizing negative thoughts (ex. revenge), etc.

1. Unified Movement Against Tobacco
This movement has been started by 45 different well-known organizations like WHO, Tata Trust, etc. This movement is active in controlling tobacco consumption and providing guidance to activists against tobacco.

Social Health Class 10 Science Notes Maharashtra Board

2. Salaam Mumbai Foundation
This organization runs programs in various schools in Mumbai to empower the children living in slum areas in the fields of education, sports, arts, and business. This organization encourages the children to take education by helping them to improve their health and lifestyle. This trust has made some districts in Maharashtra completely tobacco-free through hard work. Since the year 2002, their organization has been working with various schools in urban and rural areas to make the society tobacco-free. This program is being implemented with the help of the Government in about 200 schools in Mumbai and 14000 schools in the rest of Maharashtra. The oath of freedom from tobacco is taken in every school as per the Government letter.
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Government Schemes
Phone numbers/helpline numbers are published in newspapers to help the children in distress or facing any type of problem. Children contact the helpline to narrate their problems. Proper help and guidelines are offered to children.

Good Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Science Notes Social Health can simplify complex concepts and make studying more efficient.

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